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The Lifespan of Live Christmas Trees

For most environmentally-conscious folks, live Christmas trees give them a renewable option for celebrating the holidays. But from their perspectives, the lifespan of live Christmas trees begin when they are purchased purchased and ends when its recycled. But the lifespan of live Christmas trees are longer than you might think.

Chances are, the live Christmas tree you just tied to the top of your station wagon is nearly a decade old. Most Christmas trees are harvested around eight to 12 years after being planted on Christmas farms all over the country. Frequently, Christmas tree farms are placed in areas that would otherwise be unusable and support turkey, quail, songbirds, rabbits, and deer. Due to their hardiness, live Christmas trees can be planted on barren slopes where few other plants successfully grow, as well as fill in areas under power lines, on abandoned farmland, and near unused urban areas.

When the time comes to harvest matured live Christmas trees, each tree that is cut down is replaced by one to three new trees in order to to maintain a constant supply. Fortunately the overall tree population is not reduced due to Christmas tree farming; but instead is maintained, protected, and, in many instances, increased significantly.

Once the holiday season is over, many Christmas trees live on and some don’t. The trees that don’t are usually recycled, as many owners place their trees by the curb for recycling pickup by local programs and the Boy Scouts. Recycled live Christmas trees are considered an All-American renewable source. They are chipped into biodegradable mulch and used to replenish the soil in landscapes, parks, and schools. They can also be used as wind and water barriers at beaches and river beds to fight sand and soil erosion. They protect our water supplies and provide refuge for wildlife.

You can improve your own lawn and landscape by planting live Christmas trees instead of recycling it after the holidays. Balled and bur-lapped live Christmas trees temper wind, suppress loud sounds, filter dust, moderate temperature, and dissipate odors for decades after Christmas.

The lifespan of live Christmas trees can drastically differ, depending upon its post-holiday fate. You can either recycle your tree back into the natural environment to help stop soil erosion and provide natural refuge. Or you can replant live Christmas trees into your yard, park, or school and ensure its lifespan several more decades. Either way is a more renewable option than the artificial alternative.

Live Christmas trees are the only way to celebrate the holidays the natural way. offers a wide selection of renewable, live Christmas trees that will complement your holiday decor and green lifestyle. With, you can avoid the evils of artificial trees and give yourself the option of improving the environment after the holidays are over. After all, it is the season for giving! Shop online and get your live Christmas tree delivered right to your door – no fighting crowded parking lots or busy farms. Invest in a live Christmas tree today. Your family and the environment will thank you.

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