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“Green” Benefits of Real Christmas Trees

As Christmas trees go up all over the country, many environmentally-conscious decorators are torn between what tree purchase is better for the environment. Should you choose an artificial tree and use it for several years, saving a fir from being chopped down? Or do you find the perfect, live tree from a lot of real Christmas trees that will stand majestically as the centerpiece of your holiday decorating? Most would argue that cutting down real trees for the holiday season has a negative impact on our planet, but the answer may surprise the environmentalist inside of you. Real Christmas trees offer many “green” benefits for environmentally-conscious holiday decorators.

Carbon Dioxide Absorption

Most real Christmas trees take 8-12 years before they can be harvested, and help sequester the carbon dioxide that is produced by modern industries in that time. Each year, an acre of Douglas fir trees can absorb 11,308.7 lbs of carbon dioxide. From planting to harvesting, an acre of real Christmas trees can absorb anywhere from 90,469.6 to 135,704.4 lbs of carbon dioxide.

Hardy and Useful

Frequently, real Christmas tree farms are placed in areas that is otherwise considered unusable. Because they are so hardy, real Christmas trees can be planted on barren slopes and fields where very few other plants would be able to thrive. Tree farms are also planted under power lines to fill in land where the it would otherwise be left empty.

Growing Population

When real Christmas trees are ready for harvest, each tree that is cut down is replaced. To keep a constant and ample supply, most tree farms plant up to three trees for replacement of the one tree they cut down. Instead of reducing the tree population, real Christmas tree farms are actually maintaining, protecting, and increasing the population. Purchasing real Christmas trees is actually helping the environment, not hurting it.

Recyclable Resource

Once the holidays are over, real Christmas trees can be recycled. Trees can be ground into mulch and provides protection for the roots of plants and other vegetation, while preventing weeds from growing. Once the mulch decomposes, it provides nutrients that the plants need. In most areas, the Boy Scouts will come by and pick up real Christmas trees left by the curb and take them to the recycling center for you.

From carbon dioxide absorption to recycling resources, real Christmas trees offer invaluable “green” benefits for the environment and it’s conscious decorators. But what about the impact of time and transportation on finding the perfect, real tree? Look no further than your computer and offers a wide selection of real Christmas trees that will complement your holiday decor and spread the joy throughout the family, all the while making a positive impact on the environment. With you can avoid the time and transportation costs of finding the perfect tree in a parking lot full of firs. Shop online and get the tree delivered to your door in time for Santa Claus and your holiday guests. Invest in a real Christmas tree today because your family, and the planet, deserve it.

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